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The time is now for relevant and strategic “outside the box” solutions that will effectively deal with major issues impacting us all. Below are relevant issues that must be addressed and bold actions taken to make Oceanside a better place we all want to live!

Public Saftey

"My first duty and highest obligation is to Oceanside’s Public Safety. I am honored to be the ONLY candidate in Oceanside to have the full support and endorsement of Oceanside Police Officers Association."

If elected I will work to get more Police Officers, Firefighters, EMT's and supporting staff to address Crime, Gang Violence and Community Outreach in Oceanside's most vulnerable neighborhoods.  

Its important to understand that Police, Fire, EMT and Supporting Staff will cost money, and lots of it. The good news is that I have a plan! My plan will not only allow us to get more boots on the ground but will also address the major pension problem our city is facing. I call it P.F.P.P.I (Police & Fire Pension Protection Initiative). This initiative will bring in an estimated $20,000,000 over the next 10 years (Without raising Taxes), significantly off setting our pension deficits and improving Oceanside's Public Saftey.


Housing Affordability and Homelessness



Housing affordability is a major issue that must be addressed in Oceanside. To many of our Seniors, Veterans and Fixed Income families are unable to afford housing due to lack of inventory and income. Housing affordability is also a root cause for the homeless crisis affecting North San Diego County.

My vision is to see people that work in Oceanside able to afford to live in Oceanside. I believe we all must play a part in making Oceanside affordable.  As an experienced Realtor and Entrepreneur, I understand Land Use, Zoning and Housing Regulations.  I also understand that Negotiations, Effective Communication and Collaboration is required to bring Creative Solutions that will relieve the pressure our city is facing.





Business Development



As a small business owner and entrepreneur I understand the challenges and obstacles we face. If elected, I will always advocate for Oceanside businesses and work hard to expand resources, embrace innovation and implement policy that will prioritize new and existing business and eliminate unnecessary-regulation and hurdles. A more business friendly Oceanside means more local jobs.

My goal is for Oceanside to be the most business friendly city in San Diego County and to be the Mecca for business opportunity and innovation.

Paid for By Rodriguez for Oceanside City Council 2018 # 1405642
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