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Agriculture is our wisest pursuit

“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end

contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.”

- Thomas Jefferson

 As a local farmer I understand the hard work and challenges farmers face. I will fight hard to protect and promote Oceanside’s agricultural regions and farmers.  San Diego county is home to more small farms then anywhere else in the world*. Oceanside has deep heritage with Agriculture dating back to our founding in 1888. Oceanside Farms are in great danger, with increased water and employment costs.  Farmers must be given more oppertunity to make profits or they will go out of business and become vulnerable. 

“Farmers are the Real Rock Stars!”
 - Jason Mraz (Oceanside Farmer and International singer/song writter)

In order for our Agricultural lands and farms to thrive we must understand as a City that "Farm Lands" ARE NOT open space, Farm Lands are Small and Large businesses that work their lands to feed their families and provide employment for hundreds of families in our City. 

I will fight hard for our Agriculture and Farms by: 

- Implementing "Common Sense" policies that give Farms more freedom and less restrictions to farm their land. More oppertunity and flexability = Higher land values and more Profits.

- Working swiftly to develop a community vision plan for our Agricultural Region to include the potential of limited development to fund the desperatly needed infrustructure and public saftey for District 2.

- Reducing water rates for our farmers that are under San Diego Irrigated land group.

- Development of grant programs that encourage new and improved farm operations and  Agratourism ventures.

- Creation of a new Utility District in preparation for healthy and approved future developments and growth in and around our Agricultural lands. This will require efforts and feedback from Farmers, Residents, City Staff and Developers.



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