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Traffic and Infrastructure

Let's face it, Oceanside is growing and our population soon will push 200,000. The improving of local streets, sidewalks and infrastructure is long over due. The problem that Oceanside has faced is coming up with the funds to make necessary improvements.  Our City leaders must work hard to develop ways to create funding for this important infrastructure. Without more roads and improvements to current transportation routes, our problems will only get much worse.

We need to fight hard and get creative, I will usher in multiple ideas and efforts to include:

NOTE: Resident involvement and feedback is foundational to all below.

1. Working to advocate for as much assistance from SANDAG and involve myself as a voice for our city.
2. Working with incentivized programs for Developer improvements.
3. Focus housing shortage development near public transportation hubs to encourage public transportation use.
4. Expand roads to implement more bike lanes and safer routes for cyclists to encourage less vehicle traffic.
5. Advocate for additional road paths and new roads to relieve traffic congestion at key intersections.
6. Advocate for policy changes on city parking requirements to open the opportunity with developers and shared public/private parking spaces.


Join Councilman Rodriguez and support his 4 step plan to Fixing The 76 and mitigating for future traffic impacts before its too late.

Please check out for more information on my plan to improve freeway 76.


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